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life_is_suite's Journal

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a community for disney channel's 'suite life' series

Welcome to life_is_suite,
a community dedicated to all aspects of
disney channels, 'the suite life of zack and cody' and
'suite life on deck'.


1. First and foremost have fun!
2. NO flaming or bashing of ANY kind will be tolerated.
3. Respect towards ALL members, at ALL times.
4. The Obvious. If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all.
5. No rumors or gossip about the actors or their real lives please.
6. No character bashing will be tolerated in this community.
7. 'Shipping wars' of any kind will NOT be tolerated in the community. This is a general community, open to all shipping/shippers/pairings and such of/in TSL.
8. Spoilers should be behind a cut.
9. Icon posts contain only between one-three teasers, the rest should under LJ-cut or/and linked to another journal.
10. Fan fiction should be clearly marked up as basically something like:
Title: Call it something
Author: Your name/screen name
Disclaimer: What you do or do not own
Rating: PG - NC-17 (all ratings allowed here)
Characters/Pairings: Who's in it etc ...
Warnings: Violence, Spoilers, slash, etc ...
Summary: Give a brief description of what the story is about
Author Note:

The rest of the fiction should be placed under a cut or linked to another site or journal entry.
11. Pic-Spams or other images one cap max, rest should be behind a cut/or linked to another LJ.
12. Any images shared here ARE copyrighted to their source.
13. Gifs, fanart, picspams, wallpapers, mood themes & other media may be posted here.
13. Multiple videos and large graphics must be posted under a LJ-cut but can be preview by thumbnails/banners.
14. Please COMMENT, don't be shy here. This is no place to be shy.


Any enquires/questions reguarding this community please contact-a-mod here or contact errinaya

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